Prime Creators

by Interrupting Cow

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After 2 consecutive powerful releases in 2011 and 2012, Rebirth EP and Utopian Dreamer, the world doubted that Pennsylvania project INTERRUPTING COW would have what it takes to top them. It seemed hopeless, as years went by and the mystical and rumored new album from the crew never surfaced.

At last, the long-awaited ultimate deathcore album from solo artist Vinny Mac has finally arrived, and it hits harder than anything you've ever heard. Featuring new vocalists, Tommy V. and Tyler Sack, along with impeccable guests Brent Vaccaro (Delusions of Grandeur) and Gaz King (Nexilva), PRIME CREATORS runs at 52 minutes of pure and utter destruction. Including remakes of the popular classics "Ghost Firetruck" and "Tryna Prom?", the project delivers 17 tracks of unique and complete madness.

Blending styles from symphonics to mathcore, technical death to melodic riffs, cookie-cutter breakdowns to djenty grooves - PRIME CREATORS serves as the end-all album to put your other favorite bands to shame.

INTERRUPTING COW has driven the world along in its outlandish journey, and the project's finale will indeed halt with an unbeatable "BANG".


released April 20, 2016

Vinny Mac - Song-writer, Guitars, Drum Production, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering
Tommy V. - Vocals
Tyler Sack - Vocals



all rights reserved


Interrupting Cow Pennsylvania

Behold, the evolution of what was nothing short of a joke that began in 2009. INTERRUPTING COW is a savage, deathcore powerhouse project composed of simply a few young men, recording equipment, and a laptop.

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Track Name: That's How We Do, Son
"That's how ya do it, dude.
Up in the 610 son, everyday is a fuckin' struggle boy.
But we up in it.
We up in it makin paper.
Rappin' to Lil Wayne songs, ya boy!
That's how we do, son.

Real swag shit, all day son."
Track Name: Anonymous
Here are where slaves are born and tyrants, left to scorn.
Society begins to form on a foundation of deceit and lies where greatness we will hide,
under a motherfucking government who'd rather watch you die.

Every stepping stone is pointless!
We build our futures off of hopes to be greatness in comparison to what?!
Status is defined by income.

Fuck ethics and morality.
It's all about the fucking money!
Manipulated by a piece of paper.
They sit and laugh at our existence.
We contest for what they tell us is worth something to our lives.

We are inventors of your pain.
Your existence is our game.
There is a certain evil that lies within your every move.
Your day is planned out in our minds, trapped and snared for all of time.
Wait and see how you're destined to fail.

Place your bets.
Pick a contestant.
Today could be your lucky day!
Too bad it's up to us.

We are Anonymous.
The true creators, driven by myths.
We are Anonymous.
Instigating the world.
You're all sick.
Track Name: Zebra Carnival
Perplexed, in awe, without a clue.
I fear you've traveled unto the dark side of the moon.

I want out!

Tell me, what do you see?
(What do you fucking see?)
I fear you’ve lost touch with reality.
Tell me, what do you see?
(What do you see?)
Compare what you observe with what’s in front of me.

You’re stuck in a world of your fears.
Follow hell is to follow your peers.
Where have you gone?
What have you done?

There’s no coming back.
Track Name: Prime Creators (feat. Alan Zehner of The Aurora's Demise)
Hail to the Prime Creator.
Where are the kings of the Earth?
Untraceable to an origin, faceless to the universe,
unrecognizable, unperceivable,
a fucking ghost to our tainted minds.

Lost deep into a world of misconceptions,
where we know not what we do and we know not what we stand for.
Tell me, what do you worship?
There is a reason we've been created.

Do you really fucking think we were primates,
and all of our thoughts and emotions are mistakes?
This is not a fucking coincidence.
There is a reason we were created.

Fuck your bullshit. Fuck your faith.
Fucking science has no place
in real life, or time or space.
You've been lied to your fucking face!
Burn it all, lose it all, strike a match and set it off.
This crazy shit's about to implode your mind.
With experiments and theories, just a fucking waste of time!

I am not a preacher. I am a believer.
Track Name: Abiogenesis
From the muck, we arise
No plan for existence,
spontaneous design

Scouring planes, searching for leaders
Foundations of ideologies,
Based off distorted beliefs
We are not carnal,
We are souls materialized

Drink this brew
Disable the filters,
Look into the void

Leap in, and shoot into space
Then break out of this cage,
You call a body

Incarnation be the ultimate lesson
Unable to exceed mortal expiration

Lies, "science"
Believing out of fear in
Track Name: Tryna Prom?
I cackle as you lay there, bathed in blood.
This ain't no science project, this is a lobotomy.

Extraction of the soul, dissassociation of self.
Exhumed into regurgitation, you insulant pig.
Your head is gored, a fucking trophy on my pedestal.
(A lobotomy)

I feel your flesh tastes odd,
I must bathe you in salts.
The burning sensation, your skin loses feeling.
This ain’t no science project, this is a lobotomy.

We have come to desecrate and nothing else.

The cavity secretes, is what the peasant shall consume.
A breakfast, we must feed on your infants!
Then, we are to eradicate the infection.

You dismember, molecule by molecule,
into disintegration of your ectopathic self.
I gnaw on the flesh,
tear the ligaments,
ripped from your limbs,
I leave you to rot to your senses.
Track Name: The Gelato from Colorado (feat. Brent Vaccaro of Delusions of Grandeur)
Escape into an altered state.
It’s as if we’ve entered our own outer space.
Objects moving at cookie cutter speed.
Amazing how we can reconstruct our feelings.

Enter the clouded oblivion.
Endure this night as we are one.

We are opening our minds.
We take this medicine.
We are opening our minds.
We are victims to this venom.

In a circle, we rotate.

Reality and dimensions meld.
Shatter all the perceptions held.

Everything I see is grey,
time is speeding up, day by day.
Slow motion, nothing to say.
Spinning out of control in disarray.

We come alive at dark.
On reverse hours, we become the legion.
Sharing our deepest thoughts.
Oh, let the night begin!
Track Name: Bottle Rocket Birthday
It started with a lie

In previous life of mine, a man whose name escapes me
Claimed he was the son of a being far beyond our capabilities
We cackled at his remarks, what a fucking fool
Through a bribe I made to his men, they quickly handed him over to us at once

As we whipped the fuck out his back
The tears he shed stained the ground of his death
And everyone came to see
The death of the so-called prophecy
His head full of blood, covered in red
We were not to stop until his life fled

We killed a king, a being far beyond our capabilities
And forever we rot in the furnace of hell for all our eternity
Track Name: Quid Pro Quo
Your technology is so fucking precious that the world world burn to the ground if no one ever texts us.

This for that, a life that no one sees.
Trade the beauty of a soul for some statuses and Tweets.
Hide me behind a screen and take away my social skills.
Fuck evolution, we will not advance while devices kill us.

This for that, this for that.
Give me attention! I need to feel important!
This for that, this for that.
Materialistic beings so concerned with things irrelevant.
This for that, this for that!
This for that, this for that!

Your technology is so fucking precious that the world world burn to the ground if no one ever texts us.
How much will it take for mankind to reach the breaking point of social media?

What’s next for us?
Track Name: Ghost Firetruck
I can feel the vibrant visualizations in my head,
so informing me, something is wrong.
The ghost kills but the dire thirst for blood is never quenched.
As abhorrent as lights to a fawn.

I, a cast away, need you as my aid.
My compulsions are slamming at the doors as we speak.
We act as ones exchanging souls.

This fire is burning,
passionately, delicately.
A monster is as only as good as it's tamed.
Bright hope can reduce the flames.

Weezing, heavy breathing,
I feel your heart sinking deeper than mine.

Let the fucking smite begin.
Send upon the winds of rage.
I feel you pressed against me, but this time harder.
Your grip will not let go.
Your grip will not let go.

Embrace my soul.

Enough of these fucking tricks.
The lies cease.
One life is doomed too much, your words are weak.

I can feel the vibrant visualizations in my head.
So informing me, something is wrong.
The ghost kills but the dire thirst for blood is never quenched.
As abhorrent as lights to a fawn.
Track Name: The World Engine
We barrage your atmosphere
Your planet is our new frontier for life.
Look to the sky! It is not your God.
Expect doom as we penetrate, pod by pod.

So much life and resources to cultivate!

Earth has become our processing plant
(Your kind is endangered
You’ll rot in our chambers)
Die by our squid-like hands
(The burning sensation
won’t subside, just take in your fate)

Just take in your fate

We’ll spew out your insides.
Our children will reside inside your stomachs until they are birthed
Your cries are like music
"How can we go through this?”
Easily, humans better dead than alive.

On this day expect to die!

You’re time’s running thinner.
We’ll ingest all your innards.

My eyes are the last things you’ll see.

This is not the first time we were here.
Your ancestors slaves to us for years.
We are the armageddon you’ve been waiting for.
Track Name: Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming
Oh, here we go again
Trying to influence me
You’ll never be my friend
No movement, can't you see?

I’m fully loaded, a bullet with your name
Go ahead and come at me, one shot I’ll splatter brains

Blow a hole through your face

They won’t remember your name
Your actions are to blame

Oh, you won’t go away
Why can’t you leave me in piece?
I feel you’re now a threat
A demon who can speak
I don’t need your help
You always make me regret what I have done
Put away your forked tongue

You infect like a plague
This time I’ll stay away

Stop trying to change who I am
Track Name: Roswell: Desecration of the Universe II
What?! You are insane!
The crash you saw was the Project Mogul,
an illusion to your puny eyes.
What kind of fool feeds this shit to your minds?

1947, Roswell, New Mexico.
It was not “a balloon”.

We all know the truth, it will be exposed.
Erased from our youth, time will tell.
We know what you’ve done, we know what you have.
They will bring their wrath and then kill all.

Obliterate the world.
You should have thought before you took them in as lab rats.
You have your precious data, an eye for an eye.
Don’t be surprised when they extinct mankind.

Oblivious, they walk among us!

They are here, they are living with us.
How can one believe we are the only species?
You are being analyzed without consent.
And I’m not just talking about the government!

First in Ancient Egypt, then in Greece and Rome.
Then they lurk among the Earth and in parts unknown.
Maybe in times of Jesus, maybe in ice age cold,
either way, they’ve influenced the human growth.
The end is near.
Humans, so bold.
Don’t go saying, "that kid from IC told us so."

There is a lesson learned in this.
Keeping secrets only makes us more curious.
There is a lesson learned in this.
Taking captives only make them more furious.
There is a lesson learned in this.
Hiding truth only makes you notorious.
There is a lesson learned in this.
Next time, don’t fuck with aliens!
Track Name: Paradise Gates (feat. Gaz King of Nexilva)
I, procreator, have given life to the earth.
Mold your lungs full of air, and to your soul I gave birth.
In brightness, I assemble.
Will you all believe in me, or believe humanity?

I’ve traveled through the ages.
Will you take my hand, as I show you the darkness?
To conquer life, this evil you must harness.
As one we see the world through glory and collapse.
As life depletes, you will enter this trance.
Welcome to my home.